Paper Airplane Party

The little man has hit party yesterday. It was a success. Here are some of the highlights!

Boarding Pass Invitation (designed by yours truly, as were all the paper goods)

Pre-made Boxed Airplane Lunches (included a sandwich, small water bottle, apple slices and pretzels, of course).

Water bottles.

Paper airplanes floated in tissue paper clouds over the dessert buffet with M&Ms, Jelly Bellys, Gumballs, Whoppers, Red Vines, Swirl Pops, Tootsie Rolls, Swedish Fish, Marshmallow Pops, Sugar Cookies, and Cupcakes.

Airplane sugar cookies made by Grandma.

Suitcase Decor (from Paper Source).

Cupcakes made with 4th of July Funfetti (blue and red). Cupcake liners from HeyYoYo (etsy).

“Baggage Claim” to collect goodie bags (filled with pilot sunglasses, wood plane kit, airplane playing cards and candy from the pinata).

And one very happy birthday boy!


About bsaxonspencer

When I was a little girl, my granfather used to keep a bag of lemon drop candies in his car. Though he died when I was still young, I can't forget the fine, sandpaper sugar outer layer of the candy followed by the slick sweetness. These candies always accompanied our drives in the country, stops to the drug store, and the scent of sitting next to my grandfather on the fold-down armests in the middle of the the front seat of his black Lincoln Town Car.
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