A Little Fussy About Gussy

I just purchased the cutest little makeup bag ever! I discovered Gussy Sews (through The TomKat Studio) and loved it from the start. I just HAD to buy something. Lucky for me, this adorable little zippered pouch was exactly what I’d been looking for as my makeup bag was in desperate need of a replacement.

Besides the fact that the products are unique and adorable, the blog is also equally inspiring and fun to read. The button is on the side of this page or you can click here.

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Free Shipping = Hand Delivery

For all my dear local friends who want lemon drop shop goodies but don’t want to pay shipping…NEVER FEAR! I’ve got a code for you! HANDIT2ME will clear out your shipping charges and I’d be happy to hand deliver your order to you.

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My New Interest: PINTEREST!

As if I needed another distraction, I’ve become Pinterested!

Pin your favorite images to an online bulletin board and share it with friends! Categorize them, organize them, share them, and keep coming back for more inspiration.

Check it out:

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Styled mag


Another fabulous mag to share–this one has a bit more of a boho, artsy flair but it’s equally inspiring.

Styled mag

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The Party Dress

Oh my…am I am in heaven!? This e-magazine is amazing. So full of spring inspiration my eyes don’t know where to look first!

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Party On!

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I dare say that you will never hear it said that I am the life of the party. Perhaps, however, the life behind the party. I love to plan parties and events. From work functions to my kids’ parties to community events to baby showers, I love a good party–particularly the aesthetic of a party–the invitation, the decor, the food, the favors, etc…

I hope to share some of my down-home shin-digs. Party on!

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What Have I Become?!?!

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an employee, a boss….the list goes on. I always dreamed of being these things, but never all of them at the same time. And, then you get down to the bottom of the list because the things at the top of the list require so much of me, the bottom part of the list that I only seem to dabble in–it is not mandatory, but essential to me being me: reader, knitter, dreamer, scrapbooker, photographer, quilter, writer, seamstress, party planner and all around busy-body. And now blogger! Who would have guessed!?!?

This is what I have become. This is who I am. Yep, this is me.

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